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We provide products and services of superior quality and value that will improve the quality of life for people by helping organizations track, report, analyze, and comply with established regulations and requirements that are critical to achieving quality beneficiary care.

Our Software

The best features of our original software offerings, CompliaTrac™ and MOST™, have been integrated under the name MOST Interactive™. MOST Interactive™ is a custom-designed tool to meet the needs of organizations striving to document compliance with complex, ever-changing behavioral health standards. The same software can also facilitate state-wide monitoring efforts.

A number of existing accreditation requirements (Joint Commission, CARF, COA, etc.) are encoded and organized by keywords to allow audits to be set up quickly with the peace of mind that they are targeting relevant issues.

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Our Services

Do you need someone to take over auditing to ensure accurate, unbiased results? We do that!

Does your organization need guidance as it approaches an accreditation deadline? We can help with that, too!

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